What we do

Knowledge management consulting. We assist companies or teams in becoming more aware of the knowledge they possess. We can help you analyze what information you deal with internally and in exchange with clients and suppliers, rate its importance and assist you in better managing your company knowledge.

Social networks have led to novel ways of interacting: the sharing of information has become highly prestigious, information hiding is passé. This cultural shift partially triggered by platforms such as Facebook and Google+ has the potential to also transform the workplace. Let us show you how!

Creativity training and workshop moderation. Drawing from an in-depth knowledge of up-to-date cognitive psychology research, we can assist you in the appropriate use of creativity techniques.

Let us show you when to use divergent thinking tasks, which facilitate the creation of novel ideas and when to employ tasks focusing on convergent thinking, which aid to reality-check these ideas.

Software engineering methodology.
SERENDIPITIES GMBH is highly experienced in the area of software process models. We can e.g. help you tailor the Rational Unified Process to your needs or get you up and running with business object modeling, use case analysis and UML notification.

Project management. We can take the lead in a customer project, where internal managerial resources are lacking or where an external project leader may be of advantage to team development.

Project coaching. For teams which are forming or already performing but have specific needs, we can provide customized coaching.

Training. We offer courses in requirements engineering, use case analysis, object-oriented analysis and design and relational data modelling.

What we don't do

Implementation. SERENDIPITIES GMBH focuses on analysis and design. We do not have own resources for major implementation tasks. Depending on the development environment, we will happily propose you potential partners with whom you may then make your own agreements. Alternatively, we will usually be pleased to accept end-to-end responsibility for a customer project and select our own suppliers for development and roll-out.

Maintenance. Like implementation, maintenance is highly platform-dependent and thus necessarily left to specialists of the respective domains. We are however happy to initiate maintenance management as a project task and will attempt to recommend possible suppliers should external resources be requested.